ELA Pırlanta continues to be the reliable address of a special, fascinating, valuable gift for yourself and your loved ones, with its diamond expertise, different designs, reliability and after-sales services, which has been in the jewelery industry for more than 35 years.

Established in Turkey in 2006, ELA Pırlanta provides services to jewelers in the sector in the supply of bare stones and the manufacture of current products. With its professional colleagues trained for many years and its staff in its production network, ELA Pırlanta offers the most up-to-date model option in Turkey and can respond to different expectations and budgets. In addition to indispensable classics such as solitaire, tria, baguette, full diamond and five stones, there are countless designs that will accompany a woman in every moment of her life, from day to night, in the range of models where diamonds and colored stones meet.

ELA diamond has adopted the principle of honesty in the sector and continues to offer the right product at the most ideal price. Our priority is to serve the jewelery companies that we supply products to their customers in a way that provides the right criteria.

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One of the most important issues of Elapirlanta is fast delivery; Orders placed on our site or application are delivered to cargo companies within 5 working days at the latest.

After you receive the product, it is enough to inform you for the exchange within 3 working days. IN ANY WAY, THERE ARE NO INVOICE TRANSACTIONS MADE IN CHANGES.

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